Tips On Different Uses of Compost

Gardening is a hobby for both the young and old alike as it relieves stress, conditions the body and mind, and enlightens the spirit as it draws us near to Mother Nature. In many countries, it has been practiced as a popular past time activity for many families as they bond and share stories with one another. In addition, a garden’s beautiful scenery can provide a good place for anyone to have their special occasion or any ordinary day. Aside from these, there are many things that can be learned and enjoyed in gardening.


Composting is a method of turning food scraps, kitchen wastes, leaves, branches, and even animal waste into something productive in return. In this process we can get organic fertilizer which is boasted by many green farmers to be more effective in terms of yield and growth of plants as compared to the conventional methods of using synthetic products to supplement their crops. There are several methods used in composting. A farmer may choose his style depending n his preference or the suitable method that may thrive in his area.

·         Supplement – when placed on the soil, compost will definitely and eventually supplement the needs of plants being grown. You can also prepare the soil with compost in case you had put it to rest for a year. Mix a good amount of compost on the soil and leave it for a few days before you turn it again for aeration purposes. On many countries, this principle is being practiced by many farmers and gardeners in order to provide more minerals to the ground which in return will be favorable to them.

·         Compost Tea – when filtered or siphoned, this highly rich in nutrient material can be turned into a powerful solution known as compost tea. Unfortunately, this is not the kind of tea we sip and drink to unwind and help our body and mind to relax. This type of tea is specially designed to meet the nutritional needs of plants. However, proper ratio with water is required in order to avoid causing more harm to the plant than doing good. Undiluted solution can cause burning sensation to the leaves and stem of the plant which will eventually kill it.

·         Mulching – aside from providing supplement, compost can also be used as mulch when placed a decent distance away from the plant. If the roots are avoided, compost can be used for mulching purposes especially those that had dried out. They can provide moisture as well as nutrients that were still stored inside the organic fertilizer. Never apply this directly below the plant as it will definitely burn and destroy it.


Be very careful though when handling compost as some may have pathogens that were not killed during the composition process. Wearing protective garments and gears is advised to prevent any possible health problems. Avoid using the natural fertilizer until it had assumed its finished state as it will only do more harm than good to your plants.

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